QuickBooks Online

How it Works

We require being set up as a user on your current QuickBooks (QB) online file. If you don’t have a set of books, we can set up your online QB file for you. The online version allows multiple users (with custom access) to open the file using any computer at any time. We can also convert desktop versions to a QB online file.

QuickBooks Desktop Version

When we meet to discuss your bookkeeping needs, we will ask you questions regarding your company’s current accounting practices. We will then review your books and most recent financial statement and activity to establish the cost of doing your bookkeeping.

After our review, we give a proposal. Once we get your approval, we will give you a list of items and access required to begin our work. These include bank statements, check registers, credit cards, and receipts.

How Do We Access Your Books?

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How Do We Get Your Statements?

We have two options for accessing your books:

Your activity can be emailed, sent by courier, dropped off, or mailed. Once we’ve received them, we will automate the exchange of your data to ensure quick and easy services. We can view and print your statements through our online access. 

For this option, we will keep your company QB file at our office. We will provide a monthly copy along with your monthly financials, which you can upload onto your computer at your location. 

Please contact McNally's Bookkeeping LLC. at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

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